Last updated - 6/8/2022

date 6/8/2022
hello there, i've been gone for sooo freaking long. Like MONTHS that's crazy!
Well i'm back and i'm on summer break so i'm clearly ready to start working on my webpage once again.
I have great expectations for my future self so here is a gif to get your spirits high just like mine:

date 1/19/22
date 1/9/22
happy 2022 everyone who reads this message! so far it's been strange since in the impending future my school will quite likely go online again for the sudden uptick in covid cases.
I am currently working on my "about me page" but I haven't gotten on the pc lately so I haven't gotten a lot of time to code.
in other news I've been reading 1984 by George Orwell, it's taken up a lot of my free time so heh funny. Now to john with the weather
Thanks bill as you can see we have a gif:

date 12/15/2021
yeah, umm hello again? i'm on break now, let's see how much I can get done, "coding-wise" I should do like a bunch of things so i'll make a list of what I should do
  • add more art to the gallery
  • make a "about me" page
  • add more to other pages
  • fix other pages
  • so let's do that but backwards order because I feel like it.
    a gif for you (yeah you!)

    date 10/21-22/2021
    Currently i'm on a small hiatus because I haven't gotten to find the time to get on the pc to code, so right now i'm using my school laptop as a bitchy way to code a small entry, to say i'm on hiatus. IF (and only if) you want some of my content that much i'll slide on by my uhh tumblr i guess ( DO NOT JUDGE )
    date 9/17/2021
    right! so I got a one liter bottle of mountian dew "code red" and it has over 258% of the daily value of added sugar, I seriously can't wait to drink it all! I either need to make a about me page or a music page , I have no idea which I should make first. Also (like every person nowadays) I keep rewatching old newgrounds animations. why? I don't know because i'm crazy I guess,
    There will probally be new art in the gallery soon, and guess what! I have a gif for you :)
    small fun fact about me , I love cows! it's a very cute animal!
    date 9/7/2021
    working on a new page fixing old ones, stay tuned!
    gif for you:

    date 9/11/2021
    last night I had a dream where there was a live-action Yu Yu hakusho movie, it was so strange??? Like I remember clearly that when live-action kurama and live-action yomi were on screen I was just like 'oh look boyfriends' like who even says that?????? so weird. Also for some reason I can't get the thought of anarchists out of my mind, like what? Why did my day have to start of this weird.
    here's a gif , because I care:

    date 8/26/2021
    oh what's that? i've been gone? well of course i've been gone I have been to school! It is quite fun being back in person, I have made friends and i've been drawing more (because I have more time)
    My classes are fun, I think my English class is too easy, but that's personal. So that's mostly It! here's ya'lls gif (yee-haw i guess)

    date 8/17/2021
    so I have to back to school , tomorrow, like wow I know. I'm like 50% scared 40% exicted and all the rest is hunger I guess,
    I have an art class at like 7:45 in the whole morning wow why? Also I have no idea of anyone going there, and I suck at talking to people so I hope I can get friends!
    that's mostly all that's on my mind, I'll probally make an entry about how school is in a few days.
    date 8/13/2021
    Today I get to go somewhere, I hope it's plenty of fun!
    Another fun thing happening to me is that i've began to write! It's a story i've been trying to write for like two years, maybe i'll add a page to it,,
    I been having a problem lately with my music, that in fact my music that I listen to. It's getting boring, like super boring!
    Yes , I know that music for most people is a WHOLE part of their personality, but for me saying the 1950s style jazz music I listen to reflects on my personality is a bit of a stretch.
    plus i'll listen to anything that's loud, like fast and loud, but that doesn't narrow it down does it?
    oki doki here's a gif I picked from the garden for you:

    I have been obsessed with a game I have never even played! How dare I, just kidding , I literally do stuff like that all the time.
    On a different note I have not been updating my site but that is only because I have been using notepad++ to make a big biiig site, this one will be interactive! like a html webgame!
    also expect some new art in the arts part, maybe it's fanart for the game ive never played! I don't know why I'm being so vauge.
    here is your gif:

    I got my record player working!!! I'm so excited to use it! the record player itself only set me back nine dollars! this is clearly a very short entry , but I just wanted to say that one thing so here is your gif for today:

    I've been having a lot of strange and almost uncanny dreams lately. I think last night I had a dream about the mothman. hmm what could that mean?
    also as of late i've been painting a lot , I also have been playing pokemon a lot,
    clearly i've been playing pokemon a lot more, since i've only made 3 paintings. It does take me a while to get the energy to make a painting, epecically since i don't have many painting materials to choose from,
    on my birthday I had gotten a whole lot of canvases in hopes to paint on them, but I forgot to get paint to actually paint with.
    I am a complete numskull I know. by the way here is your gif:

    for some reason I keep thinking today is 4/14 (14/4) maybe i'm going insane... actually that's probally not the case,
    i went on vacation to see the ocean! the ocean is wonderful, gross , (oh so very gross) , but wonderful nonetheless! in my wonderful time in the ocean I was able to get on a boat , something i've never even seen in real life!
    It was literally like magic! the ocean, the clouds everything was beautiful. The boatride was for 4 hours!! (im not kidding here) it only felt like 2!
    well that's enough talk about boats, ( also about the water yes, I was able to get in even though it was ick)
    here is the gif I picked out for you today :

    past and current me are unreliable as a fox! I said I would make two diary entries in one singular day. I knew and always will know that I don't get on my computer during the end of the day. So just count on that!
    In other news tommorow is my boyfriend's birthday! yay! I don't know why i'm so exicted, but I am. :D also I have slowed my pokemon playing down to a healthy ammount, but I still worry about my poliwhirl.
    If anyone wanted to know (which nobody probally did) I am no longer THAT into hetalia, I tend to have overbearing sessions of loving random things , some cool, most not... but my most recent obsession with hetalia has slowed down , I think of it from time to time , Mostly of greece, but not as much as I was. There is no telling what my next obsession will or might be!
    todays gif isss (suspenceful s's):

    date - 6/21/2021
    I have been playing so much pokemon, I should just calm down and stop obsessing over games. I blame nintendo in general for making addictive games.
    I've just woken up like, thirty minutes ago. So yeah i'm a bit grogy, but it's ok! Nothing way too much coffee can't fix! Nothing has really happened yet so I can't think of anything to write, here at the end of the day i'll write again on what happened! then future me can tell.
    date - 6/11/ 2021
    Ok I know this may sound actually stupid but I may (may x2) , start a very dumb webcomic, It's going to maybe be about a group of very stupid criminals just doing very stupid criminal stuff! I don't know i've had that idea for a while but I don't know what to do with it! also I might scrap the hetalia page I was working on until I can think of some better page layout, and help on graphic design out on the web might be nice ;3;,
    also gif for today is :

    date - 6/1/ 2021
    Awe yeah all right! my birthday just passed and it was sooo cool !! like seriously SO COOL! i got such cool things and i'm going to list the cooler things I got here
    I also had a very cool birthday cake a cake that looked like the earth! very good! Also on a different note I keep forgeting to talk to other humans , but i just cannot get used to talking to people!

    date - 5/26/ 2021
    I haven't updated the ol' site in while , but I have been doing other things, such as drawing, reading ,and re-reading hetalia , I feel like the spark or energy for coding is gone, but , have faith. I will gain it back in time! So let you take this as maybe a informal call to a hiatus to coding 'ye ol' website . Also look at this cute hetalia gif , very adorable don't you think?

    date - 5/19/ 2021
    Today we put the pool up! it's 132 cm tall , a.k.a it's very tall! I got in it even tho there was almost no water, but that's the best part! it was very hot today, sorta. To me it was very hot, but I was also putting up a pool all day. also sorry I haven't been updating , but , nobody cares if I update or not! recently I have passed 3000 views on my page , which is crazy ! i'll draw something in celebration, also about drawing yesterday I drew my most realistic map of Europe yet. I draw maps out of memory , it's sorta a hobby (?) of mine.
    date- 5/9/2021
    I don't think I put enough positive stuff on this diary so here i'll say everything positive that happened in my day today! 1. It was raining all day today (i love rain no matter how many migranes i get from it!) 2. I actually took a ok picture of myself today! (i blame the good lighting and camera angle) 3. I made a pillow pets background for my website i love pillow pets soo much!
    I hope that made someone happy , insted of making someone sad! Also look at this cute gif of greece , he's so adorable!

    date- 5/7/2021
    I feel like drawing something really cute, like heathcliff or something. On a different note I would want to aplogize for never posting my art , I get so scared to put my art on here! I rarely ever show my art to anyone so posting it on a website for all to see is like triple scary! I made a comic I would like to put here i'll have to get some confidance to do it. I think I might add some more to my about me page.. :? or should i?
    date- 5/5/2021
    I'm starting to count my calories and eat less and less once again. I thought my problems would be over by now but I guess i've gone back into old habits. it's fine i've been drinking lots and lots of water. I don't want to be unhealthy I just want to be pretty.

    date- 5/2/2021
    My birthday is soon (not it's on the 29th) I just went to the park and swang like my life depended on it! After that I got ice cream, the ice cream of which I am curently eating, also i put mini milky way midnights in the ice cream! I'm going to draw Finland, maybe , I don't know all I know is that I want to draw. I need to do my German lesson though before I can go draw! Wish me luck!

    date- 4/30/2021
    OOOOoo im feeling tired today! sorta, its more of a 'i want to do a bunch of things but have to concentration to' type feeling. I cleaned my ferrets cage today, like completly i washed everything off and all that. I had to use the hose but it was SO cold out that I was trying my hardest to not get myself wet! Unrelated but I guess lately ive been feeling pretty low self-confidance wise, I wish someone would call me cute or something,, but who would even do that lol
    date- 4/26/2021
    i'm soo full , I just ate a whole bowl of ramen I need to keep reminding myself to put the month before the day, so I don't confuse anyone. I'm going to get a bookcase today! hopefully.. to bad I have to go with someone who makes me uncomfortable. I think i'll spend most of my writing , my story needs more lore >< well I have to go draw!
    date- 4/25/2021
    yay im having chili today! (it's my second favourite dinner next to pasta.) I found hetalia gifs today, Let's hope I can add them to my website soon!! Also I added some more quiz results to my about me section, I've grown to dislike the word quiz since it reminds me of school, hmm :( Finally i wanted to add that I've started to get back into reading on my phone, I feel like it's a more portable and cheaper way to read, tho I think I like real books more, I'm curently reading 'Life Of Pi' -slowly reading I will add-